SEO - search engine optimization for small business websites

SEO or search engine optimization is an important step for websites climbing the rank ladder. For small business websites it can be the difference in keeping their doors open. SEO is not a silver bullet, instead it's an important aspect of website design. Everything about SEO sits with the actual website. We cannot optimize a search engine, we can only align the website with the requirements outlined by the authors of that search engine.

Some parts of SEO injection are controlled by the content while the rest are part of the framework. Custom websites are a great way to maximize your SEO score as they are easily modified by the design team. Larger websites built on platforms like Wordpress may find themselves spending a few more dollars to accomplish the same as the custom tailored website.

Google, for now, is the authority on SEO structure as their search engines are pretty much the "go to" for majority of searches. To align yourself with best possible ranking, following the algorithm set forth by Google adds significant value to your small business website.