Business Email

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Business Class Email Pricing

Image is everything in business. Institute the right image by incorporating a business class email. Companies that use and especially are seen as out of touch. The only valid email extension is (or .net, .info, etc).


Email Setup


billed once

Access to the domain name is required, we setup on your behalf up to 3 users on the GMAIL platform and turnover the account to you. Your monthly payments of $5 each monthly will go to Google directly.


Email Support


billed per event

Need ongoing email support? We can resolve most issues on your behalf. Access to the admin email account is required.


per user


billed monthly

We can manage your monthly email subscription. $10 per user per month billed before service rendered.


Every email runs on an email platform. We have chosen to utilize the vast resources of GMAIL for all business class email setup. Your email communication will display as and not GMAIL does offer the ability to upgrade your current personal GMAIL account to a business and alternate seamlessly between the two emails.