Copyright & Website License

WebmastersDesktop with and without any extension is owned by Webmasters Desktop, LLC and governed by disclaimers posted at WebmastersDesktop and and various Webmasterdesktop extensions. Referencing any terms under any of our domains is therefore referencing Webmasters Desktop, LLC. At WebmastersDesktop we work very hard to bring quality designs at affordable prices to help promote small businesses. The unique system implemented by WebmastersDesktop creates a vested financial interest with each client as our profits are spread long term. This relationship benefits the client with lower entry costs and superior long term support. Our clients have opted for hands-off service. These services are not operated with control panels that are capable of granting permissions and monitor backend users. These terms apply to all of our work under all of our public domains. To protect our investment with each client, WebmastersDesktop has implemented some measures.

  1. Proprietary Designs & Coding.
  2. Intellectual Property.
  3. Inherit License Agreement.
Proprietary Designs & Coding Structure
WebmastersDesktop website designs are created from scratch, one key stroke at a time. Each graphic is either purchased, created from scratch or purchased and altered. Every image provided by our client is edited. All wording is created, edited, researched and altered by us. WebmastersDesktop does not hold templates and we do not offer templates. WebmastersDesktop does not allow third party intervention in design, programming or access to any files, including but not limited to marketing resources. We do not share client information, website performance or budgetary elements. If such access is desired, the client can submit the request and accept our buyout terms. The code structure will be altered to keep our strategies private while preserving the design. Without written consent from WebmastersDesktop, no content can be used in violation of our posted disclaimer.
Intellectual Property
All of our work is protected by copyright and intellectual property laws. WebmastersDesktop does not copy content from other websites, plagiarize or knowingly include any content unlawfully or in violation of intellectual property laws. Any content provided by the client and inserted into a website at client's direction, that has not been edited, checked against copyright and intellectual property violations is placed at clients' own risk. Email documentation exists between client and WebmastersDesktop in regards to such content.
License Agreement
Our designs are licensed to our clients by default for use as intended in original agreement. Any extension of that usage must be accompanied by written permission from WebmastersDesktop and such proof must exist. Any artwork, images and content used in news media outlets must provide recognition for such content to WebmastersDesktop. Our website designs cannot be duplicated or copied without sale. Our clients are purchasing the rights to use a design commercially. This does not give a client rights to the code and other elements that were required to create the design. To purchase exclusive rights to our work, submit a written request and an invoice will be applied accordingly.
Our Business Name Disclosure
For marketing purposes only, we have several versions of our business online under various domain names. Each domain name will have a link to our parent website. All transactions are performed under our legal name, Webmasters Desktop, LLC. WebmastersDesktop domain name with various extensions is owned by Webmasters Desktop, LLC.