web designers agency


founder / project manager / webmaster
Small business expert with over 24 years as an entrepreneur managing every task commonly existent in business, including but not limited to, gathering resources to initiate such skills. Completely self-taught, skill-set evolved to technology and now website development/design skills since 2006.
Role: Formulate overall design direction for new and existing projects. Interact with clients to develop successful strategies that empower their online business identity. Manage website marketing campaigns and support every aspect of business operations.


website developer
Website development professional self-taught in key components to manipulate and enhance website design and performance. Skilled in HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PHP, SQL, ADOBE PHOTOSHOP and some VIDEO EDITING to name a few. Her attributes are critical in delivering results consistent with company standards. Her exemplary record continues to support important aspects of overall website design that enhances and promotes company growth.
Role: Closely works with the founder on all aspects website design related. SEO competent with a wide range of skills. Handles tasks with efficiency as they are assigned while developing her main role as a CSS-responsive guru.


computer support
IT expert in system building, repair and maintenance. Provides onsite computer software and hardware support to local customers and remote support for others. His enthusiasm for PC technology is visualized in future expansions optimum for client relations with award worthy tech support.


print media
Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop professional with logo creation and print media experience. Supports specific project attributes with key assignments to enhance design elements. She began her interest in design with college courses and continued to develop with real world experience for several local marketing firms. Her experience with HTML/CSS offers support on the fly.


front-end web development
New member of our growing team.

We are a small website design firm focused on growth in an industry that requires scrutiny to partner with viable professionals. As part-time contributors evolve into full-time positions, this list shall be updated. We also respect the wishes of our team to remain private and, as such, chose to maintain consistency in the design. ~ Remy