Privacy Notice
At Webmasters Desktop, LLC we are aware of our responsibility to protect your privacy. As part of our responsibility, we disclose to you what information we collect, when it is collected and how we use that information to improve your experience. Our reasons are logical and very simple. We have 3 primary information collection practices.
  • Communication with our online forms.
  • Client registration.
  • Payment processing.
All of our online communication forms are forwarded to their respective email files used exclusively for communication purposes. These emails may or may not be saved for future purposes. In general, any inquiries received are processed accordingly and stored by default in our mail servers without any specific indexing. Communication with existing clients is saved to insure accuracy of changes to services. General and client communication is not shared or sold. Email addresses are not used for any promotions unless requested. As of this writing (July 25th 2010), such services do not exist.
Client Registration
New and existing clients are required to provide the following information.
  • First & Last Name
  • Valid Phone Number
  • Valid Email
  • Billing Address
Payment Processing
This information is recorded via Freshbooks bookkeeping system. Their privacy policy can be reviewed by clicking here. For IRS reporting purposes the information gathered is permanently stored and cannot be removed. Your information is not shared with 3rd parties and is available only to our administrative personnel exclusively for bookkeeping purposes.
General Application Of Privacy Terms
We may disclose, access, or report personal information when we believe, in good faith, we're required to by law or to protect our legal rights. We may also do this in connection with an investigation into a suspected violation involving the Terms of Service, fraud, intellectual property infringement, or other activity that may be illegal or expose us to legal liability. For example, we may be required to disclose personal information to cooperate with regulators or law enforcement authorities or to comply with a court order, subpoena, search warrant, or law enforcement request.
We may report and share information about your account to credit bureaus, consumer reporting agencies and card associations. Late payments, missed payments, or other defaults on your account may be reflected in your credit report and consumer report. We may also share information with other companies, lawyers, credit bureaus, agents, government agencies and card associations in connection with issues related to fraud, credit or debt collection.
Currently all websites are hosted with and any communication facilitated utilizes the services of and, both of which are respected companies with exceptional privacy policies.
Website Development And Design
All of our website services are performed inhouse, on our computers. We do not subcontract any portion of our website design and development services. All of the following items performed by us on your behalf are done so under our name; domain name registration, hosting, design, development and marketing. We are not affiliated with any other companies except those explicitly noted in this policy. Webmasters Desktop, LLC is a registered Florida company and adheres to all applicable laws.
For marketing purposes only, we have several versions of our business online under various domain names. Each domain name will have a link to our parent website. All transactions are performed under our legal name, Webmasters Desktop, LLC.