About Us

meaning of our name

WebmastersDesktop was originally founded in 2007 under a different name. As the experience progressed the name evolved to better represent the company. So, a graphic designer would not typically write any code. A developer would not design. Other components of website design exist such as user experience and SEO. A webmaster is a person who is proficient in all aspects of website design, development and multitude of platforms, development languages and supporting software. Desktop is simply because our desktop houses all our tools, we live here.

humble beginnings

The founder of WebmastersDesktop originally jumped into this industry to simply create a website for a completely different business. The difficulty of finding a reputable website developer that was 1) accessible, 2) reliable - prompted a do-it-yourself attitude. Like for many, the task to create a website seemed simple. With a plethora of "free" resources and a computer the attitude was - "pffft, I can do it, how hard can it be."

Well, the task turned out to be a lot more difficult than was thought. Driven by a never ending need for perfection, it became quickly evident that proficiency in website development and design would require immense resources, so the journey began at the best resource of all, the book store. More than 60 books later, lots of coding experience, just many many website designs and revisions, we have arrived.

our daily objective

Integrity has always been the platform for our services. The goal was to resolve all the inadequacies of this industry; poor communication, high costs, lack of support, misunderstandings, insufficient and often misleading guarantees... basically a failure to understand the client and their goals in all aspects.

Our daily goal is to deliver more than you expect. When we design a website for you, we are actually designing it for your visitors. To do this, we have to understand how people interact with websites and we must understand your needs. We listen to you and we actually care, not just about the project, but whether the budget is comfortable and the result is what you expected to purchase. Competence, respect, transparency and support are so important to us that we identified these attributes in our agreement and various notices found on the website. It is why we include a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Profit is important. Needing to say that is like saying we need air to breathe. We do not focus on profit. Instead we focus on the people who work on your projects and are building a company around them so they can perform best for you. Whether it is one on one training or molding them into the team member essential for their success, we understand how important are their needs for the success of the company. This brings to the final point of who we are. Focus on the founder is irrelevant. We are building a company around people, around our team members.