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The Proprietor package is a robust website design solution for any small business at an incredible value. Ideally it's the best option to hit the ground running with a great design, sufficient content and very good SEO. Combine this industry leading website package with our Fully Manage Hosting options to update the website monthly.

shared design attributes

#responsive design
Your new website is guaranteed to look great on all devices, screen sizes and browsers. We build mobile friendly layouts.

#custom design
No templates here. Every website is built from ground up, hand coded, pixel by pixel. We are webmasters. Expect greatness.

#code compliant
We test our html, css and javascript to insure browser compliance that improves website ranking in all search engines.

#logo creation
Business identity improves overall image. We'll work with you to deliver a logo that best represents your company.

#content creation
Tell us your story. Understanding your business will help us deliver unique relevant content that promotes organic ranking.

We'll optimize your website with relevant content and proper code structure to promote organic rank and reduce cost of marketing.

We'll create a custom sitemap on your website and submit to Google for improved website ranking.

#Link Redirect
Your old links will be preserved and redirected to relevant pages. Applies to clients already with a website.

*The depth to which the following attributes (logo creation, content creation & SEO) are developed, directly corresponds with budgetary restrictions. Each limitation is disclosed in your agreement.

Comparing website design firms and the wide range of packages can seem complex. Our goal is to always simplify everything and bring transparency. Mentioning website attributes like social media, XML sitemaps or 404 redirects is more so identifying the ingredients of a recipe. Everything your website needs will exist. Everything you want included will be delivered. The main difference with us and probably 98% of website designers or website design firms is that we hand code and design everything pixel by pixel. We do not use shortcuts like Wordpress or templates, or things like bootstrap simply because we understand every line of code with which those items are created.

When you hire WebmastersDesktop to complete a project, you are hiring professionals who possess true understanding in website development, graphic design and internet marketing. Expect great results with industry leading support.


Our design packages all include exclusivity in design and content. The complexity in website design requires a thorough phone consultation to explain our proprietary benefits. Generally, the packages reflect client goals and the latitude available to bring about the changes to reach those goals.